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Yujuan Jiang

Google Play has more than 1.6 million applications as of July 2015, with around 10 thousand new applications added each week! So, if you want t o find an application with specific functionality, how do you choose the your preferred one out of the overwhelming number of applications with similar features?

Some of you might say: “Look at the ratings!”

Yes. The rating can reflect the satisfaction of customers to some extent. However, is it the perfect ruler to measure all aspects of an app like its quality, energy consumption, and user experience?

It’s not that easy!

For example, do you know that Google Play rating accumulates across all versions of an application, since an abnormally good version of an otherwise mediocre app will not substantially improve the app’s rating. This may make you miss some great new applications. Furthermore, the rating does not necessarily reflect the performance and quality of an application and reviews might be subjective.

To help users choose an optimal application set with the best trade-off among rating, data usage and energy consumption, Saborido et al. have proposed a new approach called ADAGO.

This approach is basically based on the Pareto optimality principle to optimize three objectives: power consumption, network usage, and rating, aiming to select the optimal applications with relatively low power consumption, network usage and higher rating.

Saborido et al. have validated the efficiency and effectiveness of this approach based on the 144 most popular applications across eight selected categories, and measured the energy consumption by simulating the real working scenarios by running their scripts on phones. It turns out that for the optimal sets of applications chosen by ADAGO, the power consumption and network usage can be 16.61% and 40.17% lower than those applications chosen by only considering the highest rating.

If you are a developer, ADAGO will help you understand how is your application compared to the optimal ones. If you are a user, to avoid losing your time from searching the optimal applications in the whole Google store, ADAGO is definitely a lifesaver!

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