Forthcoming Talks

Seminar by Prof. Francisco Chicano from University of Malaga (Spain)

When: July 10th, 2014 from 11am to 12am

Where: M-2004 at the École Polytechnique (2nd floor of Pavillon Lassonde/Mackay, see

Talk Title: On the application of SAT solvers for Search Based Software Testing


Software Testing is an important and time-consuming task in the Software Development Lifecycle whose goal is to detect faults in the software product or certify that it fulfills the specification with a high confidence. A software fault discovered after the product have been released entails great economic losses for a software company. For this reason Industry, and also Academia, are interested in automatic tools that assist software testers in their task, saving time and resources at the same time that the quality of the product increases. Many of the problems that arise in Software Testing can be formulated as optimization problems that can be solved using search techniques. This domain of research is called Search Based Software Testing (SBST). In this talk the speaker will present some recent research in this domain. In particular, he will focus on the application of SAT solvers to the test suite minimization problem and the testing of software product lines.


Francisco Chicano is a PhD assistant professor in the NEO-GISUM Group in the Department of Languages and Computing Sciences of the University of Malaga, Spain. His research interests include the application of randomized search techniques to Software Engineering problems. In particular, he contributed to the domains of software testing, model checking and software project scheduling. He is the author of more than 70 refereed publications, has 3 best paper awards, has served in more than 20 program committees and is frequent reviewer in more than 30 international journals.

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